Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bootcamp: Week 2

Like a trooper, I attended bootcamp on Friday even though it was a holiday!
Marci had us doing arms, which never feels really tough until a day later...

I'm loving the Survivor Bootcamp workouts because they are genuinely more difficult than the workouts I had gotten used to throughout the school year.

Monday evening we did legs, which meant a lot of squats and a lot of sprinting, there was a point where I didn't think my legs would go anymore, but after the hour was up I had to wait for Brian to finish some appointments and I actually went for a few laps around Carburn Park. That is truly a testament to how great I'm feeling!

The intensity of the bootcamp workout makes me feel challenged but still successful--a combination that is hugely motivating for me. I'm excited; I feel like my intellectual and emotional self is finally synching up with all the physical work I've been doing.

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